Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Orchids And Yucca

I can find all kinds of interesting things out there in the chaos. Being able to find them will have to suffice for now. The constant addition of organized interesting things is intended to help subdue the chaos over time. That is the theory anyway. The interesting things will have to grow big enough to see if this theory pans out.

I am loving my Yucca filamentosa and wait patiently to find them for sale in four inch pots again. They grow fast enough that I don't mind starting small and waiting a few years for them to gain some size. I need at least a dozen more. It takes large numbers in this large space to create a feeling of organized.

I keep coming back to my original idea for the garden becoming of using large drifts - 10 x 20 feet of single species - to create an ever changing tapestry of color and texture sweeping across the undulating ground through all three seasons of vegetation. The different plant drifts will meet, merge, skip a beat and get repeated for sense of cohesion in the larger scheme.

That notion has begun in the roadside bed with the chicory and Misacanthus 'Morning Light'. Early this spring I dug and divided some of the Miscanthus and planted it elsewhere in the garden to keep moving in the intended direction.

If I work hard enough I can get my chaos organized. Won't it be nice to have great big clumps of such gracious blooms as these poking up through the tall Lush.

Among the large sweeps of plants will be the more singular specimen trees and shrubs, the newbies I can't resist and things that fall out of the ground and follow me home. The rarities will find a home here too no doubt.

The Green Fringed Orchid I discovered while weeding is a tough one to photograph. The open flower is about the size of a squashed pea. If you right click and open the picture in a new window you can fully expand the picture for a much better view of this tiny orchid. Maybe next year there will be more.

Who knows what else I may find while I am out there weeding the chaos into organization.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Your garden is coming along Christopher. Those large sweeps of plants will be outstanding.

Anonymous said...

Weeders coming, make a plan.

Sis 2

Lola said...

Fantastic Christopher. It's all coming together with all that hard work.

Janet, The Queen of Seaford said...

I do love the blooms on a Yucca. The area up by the fencing and the chicory is great!