Thursday, June 7, 2012

People, A House, Statues And Some Shrubberies

I must say the Biltmore hosted the garden bloggers in a most generous fashion. At our champagne toast the garden media gets a chance to chat with Parker Andes, the Director of Horticulture at Biltmore. Steve Bender, the Grumpy Gardener, Suzi McCoy of Garden Media Group and Kip McConnell of Southern Living Plant Collection listen.

The house doesn't really look that big from across the front lawn.

Until you start to get a little closer.

This is only half of it. I wonder where that black door under the stairs goes to?

There are a number of baby statues at the Biltmore.

And more modern statues.

This was the first time in all my visits I have actually walked through the formal pool gardens. I am glad I did. The views of the house from there are spectacular and it was at a time of year when the pools were coming to life.

Getting married at the Biltmore.

Thanks Cupid.

The pattern gardens are best viewed from a slightly higher elevation.

Would you look at this. Going through my pictures I came upon the same plant I forgot what it is, thinking a campanula of some sort, in my garden yesterday. It is pretty. That is why I took a picture. The way it has spread at the Biltmore and the way I am seeing it begin to spread by rhizomes says campanula too. I hope it has finally decided to be happy here. When the perennial campanulas get happy, they can be vigorous spreaders. I'd be happy to have a big swath of this.

I have noticed in my own gardening there is a strong predilection for the blues and the purples when I add things to the tall flower meadow.

Thank goodness for the Biltmore's extensive collection of rhododendron, azaleas and mountain laurels. The garden bloggers may have missed the peak of rhododendron season high on the low spot due to the early spring, but there were a few of the late bloomers still to be seen.

From America's castle with a director of horticulture to a tiny cabin in the woods with peasant gardeners the very next day,

The Asheville Fling 2012 went to extremes.


vbdb said...

Loved visiting The Biltmore in person and revisiting through your post. Thank you for some wonderful Fling 2012 memories.

Skeeter said...

The house, the mountains, the gardens, the lush, the water, etc. I so want to go back to see more!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

You have some photos of things I missed. I will just have to go back.

LeeAnn said...

Thank you so much for including Biltmore during your very busy, very active weekend fling. We enjoyed hosting everyone - just wish we'd had more time to meet and mingle with every single one of you!

Great photos!

LeeAnn Donnelly

DJ/Meander Mountain said...

I like your x-rated photo of the cherub. An online first for the Biltmore, maybe!