Friday, November 16, 2012

Dinner Time

There is enough destruction just from keeping the beasts inside at night. The idea of leaving bouncing kittens inside all day while I was at work seemed like overkill, so out they went under the watchful eye of Miss Collar. They are half cat size now, big enough. Collar has been doing a good job and is sticking close to her new friends. They are forming a real herd. Now she just needs to show the babies they don't absolutely have to go in a litter box.

The first two days they were out, the first thing they did when I opened the door was run inside and use the litter box. How nuts is that. So the litter box was put outside with them until they come in for the night. This is going to take some step by step training.

I made them an insulated nesting box on the front porch with a larger size cat carrier. They have a place to get warm on chilly days. I don't think it has been much above 50 since I have been back. I've seen them poke their little heads out of the nesting box as I come down the driveway.

Miss Collar knows. The babies have figured it out by now. You get half a dish of canned food when daddy gets home. There is a rush for the door.

We all settle in to our new routine.


sallysmom said...

My sweet little Mayling did the same thing. She loved to go outside but made a mad dash to get inside when she needed to use the box. Go figure.

Barry said...

Miss Collar deserves a treat for her catnanny skills. My cat got out twice in Maui, cowering and yowlingly combative under the house until we could seduce him with kitty candy (he is such a slow learner). The scary thing is that he still lurks by any partly open door to the outside.

Christopher C. NC said...

Sallysmom I discovered when I put the litter box in my house for when they babies came over that Miss Collar would not wake me up at 4am to go out. That may be worth keeping one, but I prefer the bulk of their business be done outside. Between training and following Collar.s example it can be done.

Barry I think Miss Collar is happy to have company. She grew up in a pack and I think she was lonely after Crawford vanished. These are intended as working cats so They will be outside during the day and in at night to keep them safe from predators.

Dianne said...

I am so lucky. Kitty prefers to go outside. I like for him to come in at night too, but sometimes he likes to stay out. Since it has gotten cold, he is easier to get inside. Amazingly, we have had no issues with the dogs. Kitty acts like he own the place. I did find a dead mouse on the driveway this morning so I know he is working when he is out.

Dianne said...

By the way, welcome back. You were missed.

Lola said...

Yes, welcome back. You were missed. I just knew Miss Collar would come through. I'm sure she does miss Crawford. She will teach the babies or they will teach They do learn fast. I can't imagine being without my fur baby now that she's been here even tho it's been a short time.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Too cute.

Christopher C. NC said...

Dianne cold weather most certainly makes it easier to get them in at night and slow to go out in the morning.

Lola I am hoping the kitties will follow Collars non-litter using example.

Lisa they are cute and a handful.