Sunday, November 25, 2012

Winter Projects Begin

I never liked this. It was a quick fix when company was going to be staying at my place and I thought they might need a TV even if it all it was good for was videos and DVD's. Ugly. Ick!

Much better. I went and bought an unfinished wall cabinet, stained it my cherry wood color and hung it on the wall. Now that that was done more art could be brought out of storage.

Now all I need to do is drill a hole through the bottom for the electric cord. When not in use it will be pulled inside the cabinet. No need to look at an icky electric cord.

My next winter project is on order. I bought two more of these full depth, 24 inches deep, above the refrigerator wall cabinets for a built in dresser and closet in the bedroom loft. They are 33 inches long x 24 inches high. Like this one beside the stove, I'll set them side by side on the floor, raised a few inches and put a counter on top. I found a nice wood counter top I am considering. The two cabinets will be my folded clothes dresser. A small hanging clothes closet will be built beside the cabinets.

It's all about storage this winter. I need places to put stuff so I can get the stuff out of storage in boxes and plastic tubs. Then I can restore it properly. I need to organize the stuff, toss stuff and dust stuff. The bric-a-brac can be strewn about.

All that's needed to keep this moving is some heavy snows.


LostRoses said...

Great storage ideas! Storage has always been the bane of my existence, there's never enough, and never convenient enough without spending a bunch of money. I like your solutions.

Lola said...

Great storage ideas. Great winter projects. I'm sure nature will help out. It's hard sometimes to get rid of stuff but necessary at times. My time to do that also.

Christopher C. NC said...

LostRoses, my solutions can't be defined as cheap. With side panels and stain my TV cabinet was $85. By the time I am done with my loft cabinets and closet it will be about $500. Of course a nice furniture type dresser would be $350 or so by itself.

Lola I didn't bring much stuff with me from Maui, but it is more than this tiny cabin can hold and new stuff keeps piling up. It's good to thin things out every so often.

Anonymous said...

OMG, are you kidding? Kitchen cabinets to hide TV. After all those hours design choices & esthetics, ARGH!!! minion

Christopher C. NC said...

Minion it looks fine and works quite well.