Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Time Is Stealing What Was Away

Numerous feral cats wander the grounds. A possum the size of a small German Shepard came back on the first night we arrived for a second helping of the trash the cleaning lady had left by the front door. The pink muhly was in full bloom.

The little boy who played in an enchanted garden long ago and the now adult maintenance gardener cry out in despair. Time is stealing what was away. Heaven's Scent goes the way of Grey Gardens.

All the dogwoods were killed by anthracnose years ago. The self seeded redbuds that replaced them are now starting to die off. An ancient oak crumbled to the ground. One arm leaning over the house remained. It was decided it was best to take the rest of the tree down. Camellias nearing their one hundredth year are in rapid decline. Multiple vines try to engulf everything.

The place actually looked better than it had in the last couple of years. A gardener of sorts regularly mows the grass and dabbles at keeping the rampant weeds and vines in check.

There is always hope when the gardener spends more time or money in the garden. Sadly, in this case both are in short supply.

The pink muhly was in full bloom.

I have returned to NC where things are much the same. A garden is only borrowed from the wilderness as long as a gardener has the strength and will to wrestle it away from nature.


Lola said...

I'm glad you are home safe. I hope you had a wonderful visit. Mom is home ok?
So sad that things are changing but life & time has a way of doing just that. Being in a not complete whole health issue I do understand. Age has an interest in it too even tho the mind is still thinking how things could be done.
Stay warm my friend.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I am sure this is very sad for your Mom too.

lh said...

Age. Decline. Inevitable both for us and our plantings. The cycle of life. Gardening is an ephemeral art. Muhly is good. At least for now. We’ll just keep on gardening as long as we can. And love every minute of the hard work. Thank you for everything you do and for sharing it with your devoted readers.