Monday, November 26, 2012

Green Shoots

In another decade the Bosnian Pine, Nootka Cypress and Foster Holly on the left should be approaching 20 feet tall and merging into a solid green screen. A path will move up the slope between them and the second Foster Holly on the right. Little green shoots hold hope for a future garden.

The baby evergreen trees are in the upper left in this picture, slightly above the tree line the utility company keeps cleared. Safe one hopes from indiscriminate pruning or spraying.

On the right in the easement itself, you can make out some of the Blue Star Junipers. I can plant in the easement. It just isn't wise to plant trees.

Winter annuals and the remaining clumps of fescue grass are about the only wild green that remain in the barren time of year. I make progress towards changing that.

Accidentally or deliberately, this Cordyline australis got left out in the cold. It survived 21 degrees. Come to find out they are hardy to the mid to upper teens.That means it can stay out there a while longer. I much prefer green shoots out there in the barren than cluttering up the inside of the house. I prefer not to do house plants. Some how I ended up with five.


Lola said...

I think you will find your green will grow faster & provide you the screening. It is amazing how much cold some of our plants can take. We've had frost on house tops for about 3 mornings now & all seems ok. Picked my 3 lemons today. Now to decide what to do with them. lol

Barry said...

"'Til Burnam Woods come to Dunsinane", as the bard once writ.