Friday, November 2, 2012

In The Other Realm

Down there it is a completely different realm. Autumn is still in progress.

Some of this fothergilla fell out of the ground and followed me home. It was getting some nice color when it got buried.

The poor pond koi. An otter ate them all. Last week there were about 10 big koi at least 18 inches long, big fish. An otter ate them all. There were only five small babies left.

Down there a camellia blooms. My baby camellias survived their first winter and grew quite nicely this year. They did not produce any buds for blooming. If they had, no doubt they would have been zapped.

 I live in a realm where things are still melting three days after the snow stopped.

Islands of dung rise from a snowy plain.

In the other realm.


Barry said...

Powerful stuff, that dung. A potent force for growth. Creates its own heat even in freezung weather!

Lola said...

Good plant to follow you home. Sorry about the Koi. Sure is amazing to have the difference of up & down.
Yeah, that dung will heat up during the extreme cold. Makes good amendment tho.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I am surprised that camillas grow in your zone. I was sent one to trial. I hope it survives here.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if it would help if you lay wire over the koi pond. Not the aesthetics you really want but the fish would have more of a chance to survive maybe. But then we don't have otters here in Texas. Judy

sallysmom said...

How many inches did you get?

Christopher C. NC said...

Barry I hope to get around to spreading my dung about in the coming year.

Lola the fothergilla down there has much better color than the one next door up here, so I coaxed some of it home with me.

Lisa the new cold hardy camellias are rated to zone 6. I have a number of them in gardens down below doing very well. The ones I saw up higher died. I did not plant them so don't know if they were the new cold hardy kind.

Judy that koi pond has been there for over a decade, long enough for the koi to get that big. This otter was a first. It must have come up the creek that borders the garden from the river only a couple blocks away. Over the years though there has been a snapping turtle, snakes and neighborhood kids with fishing poles. None were as skilled as the otter.

Christopher C. NC said...

Sallysmom If you account for the initial melt on warm ground, I'd say we got close to 10 inches of snow.