Saturday, November 3, 2012

What The Crushing Snow Leaves Behind

I have no idea how many winters this wall has seen. A hundred maybe. Yes it is slowly tumbling down, but it is still there. I have no idea how many people might get a chance to see this wall and stop to wonder. I stop. I wonder. I know what it takes to organize rocks and this organized line of rocks is at least 400 feet long. I could make something with all those rocks.

It was a crushing snow. The tall flower meadow has been pressed flat to the ground. The baby shrubberies have been bent and contorted. It is too early to tell if there has been breakage. I was happy to see my baby pine tree, on the left side half way up, is standing back up. That is a good sign. But it is not yet completely free of its snowy burden.

It was a crushing snow that revealed more plainly the Creation, freed of its vegetative shroud.

One hundred years from now who will stop and wonder?


Siria said...

I love that old have posted pictures of it before. Is it on one of your client's properties?

Lola said...

I too wonder what the wall has seen in it's time. How is the old home stead doing?
I imagine people will stop & wonder about you creation. I suspect it will be there eons from now.
All the crushing will be ok. Given time all will straighten up.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

There will be many that stop and wonder, no doubt.

Barry said...

That wall patiently awaits the trained eyes of an archeologist, perhaps to reveal the reason for the hundreds of hours spent wrestling those stubborn stones into a definite pattern. Could there have been a home or barn along there? a livestock area? It certainly is intriguing. And yes, your stones will be there to intrigue persons from generations as yet unborn,

Unknown said...

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