Sunday, February 28, 2021

Let The Stinze Begin

On a sunny day last week I thought to drive by and have a look at the derelict back yard of a rather nice house next door to the Catholic church. The ocean of crocus were in full bloom. It is time.

The entire lower half of the yard is solid with crocus. Now if they would just tidy it up a wee bit.

High on the low spot, a similar event is underway with snowdrops.

The early crocus have appeared. These are the same kind as next door to the church. We just need more.

The witch hazels are in full bloom with all this sun and warm. Yes there has been warm. 

'Arnold' was perfuming today. It is a rather sweet fruity smell that caused a flash of recognition, a combination of papaya and strawberry it seemed.

A cool cold will be back by the weekend, but another week of full bloom will likely be the end of the witch hazels.

Not to worry. This is just the beginning. The stinze is underway.

In the right light, the snowdrops in Hawaiian Waters have grown visible from the front porch.

Next door in the ridge top garden there are so many you can't miss them no matter the light.

The flat light of clouds still helps for picture taking. A small patch of crocus have joined in. They don't always bloom together. It's weathers depending.

Seriously, lots of snowdrops and multiplying.

Ten thousand daffodils have begun to poke up through the earth. They are later rising this year. I'm good with that. Maybe it will lessen the chance of them getting zapped by a polar vortex.

I divided the snowdrops that got dug out of the road to the Turnip Fields to go plant them then decided to have a nap instead.

I spent three plus hours next door this morning doing the chop and drop. That was enough. My back was wore out. Only a little bit more to go. The stinze has begun. I like a fresh clean slate for the big bulb show.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Tis the season. We had our first crocus blooming yesterday. Let the blooms begin.

Christopher C. NC said...

A few weeks later this year Lisa, but the temperature has finally turned.

Gypsy said...

Hi Christopher: While waiting for the baked bread to come out of the oven, I thought I'd stop by and check for a flower report from your neck of the woods. So Arnold is a sweet smelling guy, what a sweetheart. Your crocus are ahead of mine; my buds have just started to form so I'll have to keep an eye on them. Meanwhile, my Iris Reticulata and Helleborus Foetidus are showing off big time and Daphne is just about ready to show her stuff. Don't you just love it when Mother Earth starts to awake from her winter slumber. Lisa is right, let the blooms begin. Gypsy

Christopher C. NC said...

Gypsy we have early, mid and late blooming crocus and varmints that eat them and move them around. I never know what we will get with crocus. The hellebore are all blooming here now too.