Monday, March 15, 2021

It's Bloom Day

Let there be flowers. You can find flowers any day of the year at Bloom Day Headquarters. Today we are at my place.

The show has begun with the spring bulbs. I saw some chionodoxa getting ready.

The witch hazel 'Diane' is aging to look like 'Jelena'.

The crocus are out.

Dinah and the Hellebores

More daffodils are opening.

The native trout lilies opened for Bloom Day.

Out in the garden.

The Oconee Bell was uncaged for a look at the flower buds.

The ring of crocus.

I have been surprised by how long the witch hazel bloom has lasted in this early spring warm spell.

'Arnold's Promise' keeps on a blooming. 

Dinah at the Ring of Crocus.

More crocus.

More daffodils. Always more daffodils.

More helleborus.

Out in a garden

Where the witch hazels have browse lines - damn varmints - it's Bloom Day.


Lisa said...

What a beautiful cat, lovely markings. Your crocus are so pretty.

Arun Goyal said...

Beautiful blooms from spring garden.It would be my pleasure if you share your post on my link up party related to gardening here

Phillip Oliver said...

Beautiful - so glad to see spring arriving!

Commonweeder said...

Your surroundings are really showing us that spring is coming. I love those crocuses.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Wonderful Christopher. Always fun to see all the crocus in your garden. The witches still look grand too.

Christopher C. NC said...

Lisa, Dinah the cat has a calico pattern without the orange. She is black, grey and white, very unique.
Hi Arun. I think one link up party is enough for me these days.
Phillip, spring is here. Until the next snow anyway. It always snows in April.
Commonweeder the crocus and all the other bulbs are the best warmup to spring before the forest really begins to stir.
Lisa I think this is the last week for the witches. 'Diane' dropped all her petals in the rain last night. I'm thinking I need to plant a big sack of the Tommies next fall.