Saturday, March 13, 2021

The First Daffodils

The extended spell of sunny, dry and warm is over. It was nice while it lasted.

Two fat clumps of white crocus were gone this morning. Damn Varmints! They were nice while they lasted.

Next up is a spell of wet and a nudge cooler. More than warm enough to keep the bulbs rising.

I was beginning to wonder if 'Arnold's Promise' was developing a browse line.

Damn varmints! There is a browse line on my witch hazel. I put a screen cage over the Oconee Bells a month ago. The flowers will not be eaten this year so help me God.

The process of cleaning and turning the house next door back on is under way. I went for a walk in the garden when I had had enough of that. I saw the first daffodils.

Two kind blooming so far. There were scattered crocus and the faint beginnings of the minor bulbs of puschkinia, chionodoxa and scilla.

So far the ring of crocus around the burning fire pit are uneaten. More keep rising.

One of my plantings of the native Trout Lily is multiplying explosively which was nice to see. No open blooms yet.

That is the way it was on this wet and misty day in mid March of the year 2021.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Pretty despite the varmints.

Christopher C. NC said...

It is looking to be a good year for the bulbs Lisa. Thankfully the daffodils are poisonous to the varmints.

Gypsy said...

Good morning Christopher: The signs of Spring are showing up all over my yard. It is so much fun to stroll along the paths each morning to find the day's discoveries. You're lucky to have those Oconee Bells; protecting them from varmints, well, I fully understand that effort. We live on the edge of a hardwood forest and the lengths I go to protect plants sometimes borders on the ridiculous. Quite often I'm a day late but hardly ever a dollar short. From one Pisces to another Happy Birthday. Hope the coming year brings you much gardening enjoyment and that your special day was, well, special. Warm regards, Gypsy

Christopher C. NC said...

Happy Birthday Gypsy. It's hard not to go for a walk in the garden this time of year.