Wednesday, March 31, 2021

My Daffodils In The Rain

The daffodils had another good day

In the habitat of a peasant gardener.

This is the best showing my daffodils have ever done.

Just imagine what it's like next door.


Gypsy said...

Good morning Christopher: And it is a beautiful sunny morning, although the wind is howling. Portent of weather to come? All the trees are leafing out and our forest floor is covered in emerging Christmas Ferns and Hepatica. Although the Hepatica are hiding at the moment in this cooler weather. Every time I see your daffodils, I tell myself more. I need more. Will have to work on that in the fall. Sunny regards, Gypsy

Christopher C. NC said...

Good morning Gypsy. It is 25 degrees and spitting snow on me. Seems we are looking at 36 hours below freezing and then some more freezing. I saw some hepatica blooming in the forest a week ago, but did not look close. More is always good.