Saturday, March 6, 2021

Niwaki Year Four

It was on the list, the annual niwaki, cloud pruning of the 'Gold Mop' chamaecyparis. That is what I did yesterday after work and a few more snips this morning before heading over to the Turnips Fields next door.

This is training session #4. I only do it once a year in late winter.

My clouds are coming along nicely. The branches and trunks are getting fat and sturdy. I'm not liking the still overall conical shape and outline, but a time will come when that change is ready to happen. Right now I don't want to over cut. I want the tree to tell me who it wants to be.

Tomorrow morning there will be a considered attempt at more forceful bondage. I will begin to unbend that conical shape. Golden clouds will float above because I can in this garden.



Lisa at Greenbow said...

They are coming along. Do you have niwaki secatuers?

Christopher C. NC said...

No Lisa. I just have my Corona hand pruners.