Thursday, March 4, 2021

Walking in Sunbeams

I can go to work and my back doesn't really bother me. Come home and do a few minor house chores and I get the crick.

I must go for a walk anyway.

The sun is out and the garden is happening. I take mental notes for the final spring cleaning chores. It is time for all the grasses to be cut down and the last few perennials still half standing.

The good news is I can lay down, do some PT moves and make the crick go away.

There is indeed progress in keeping the devil in my back at bay. This exercise is making my core stronger. A new trial begins today. I have stopped taking the nerve agent to see what happens.

The stinze blooms low, close to the lumpy earth. The goal is to stand back up without the crick. Progress.


Gypsy said...

Good Morning Christopher: Sunny skies and cool weather. Perfect combination to be outside working in the garden. I made a list of things to do in the garden, too. An actual list. It was long. However, I got a surprise that you would appreciate. My tree guy dropped off a truck load of wood chips. Seems with our ice storm of several weeks ago, he has more work than he can handle and wood chips to be shared. Moving the pile is on my list. Hope the crick can be kept at bay. Gypsy

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I am glad your back is doing so much better. Good luck with the easing of the meds. Don't overdo.