Wednesday, September 15, 2021

At Rest

Further sleuthing and experimentation has pinpointed my photo editing and storage problems to a hairball of undetermined nature with the external hard drive where all my pictures are stored. That is a bit scary. I would hate to lose all my photos on that storage device. There is an open back door where I can see all of 2021's pictures, but it won't let me in the front door or go back in time.

The Picasa photo editor I prefer using resumed function once I changed the storage address. Progress. Still, no hurries. Plenty other things need tending to. Outside Clyde can take a little rest. Maybe the hairball will be combed out by next month's Bloom Day.

Today, the blue asters have arrived.

I found Reason in Florida deep inside a thick stand of invasive paper mulberry trees around 1976. We have been together a long time. I have been contemplating the proper burial of Reason of late. We have reached our destination. I'd feel bad if he wandered off with some stranger again.

New England Aster is not my favorite. It flops over the moment it begins to bloom. At five plus feet tall, that is a lot of sprawl, but it is mostly blue.

The current state of the meadows is a bit floppy. Ida, Irma, whomever, put a permanent bend into things. The first rains of Nicholas began after a day of driving Miss Margie. I have not been willing to cut off any blooms for open paths just yet. I am the only human in the gardens and I don't mind parting my way through - when it's dry.

The Tatarian Aster is more likely to stand back up after a bit of rain and the lilac color adds a different shade to the blues.

Like Ironweed, there is Bloom Day at May Dreams Gardens. if you crave more than blue asters.

Now it is time to rest.


Arun Goyal said...

Beautiful post ! Tartarian Asters are amazing.

Lea said...

Pretty flowers!
I was surprised to see that when I enlarged the photo that is a tombstone!
Hope you get your computer problems fixed without losing anything.

Dee Nash said...

Hey Christopher, I hope you figure out your Picasa problem. I lost a bunch of photos to another storage issue. It is frustrating. Love your asters. Mine are only beginning to bloom. I wait every day expectantly for 'Bluebird' to flower, but it's just still sitting there. Happy Bloom Day.~~Dee

Christopher C. NC said...

Thanks Arun. The Tatarian Aster are a very nice late season bloomer. They do spread generously by runners when happy.

That is indeed a tombstone Lea. I have my fingers crossed about the hard drive storage. The fact that I can still see all of 2021 gives me hope.

Dee I will have to look up 'Bluebird. Another late blooming aster can't hurt, especially if it likes growing wild.