Monday, September 20, 2021


My photo editing and storage system is almost back to normal. I gained re-entry into the external hard drive where all my pictures are stored. They were all still there. A small remnant hairball remains in the filing cabinet system that needs to be worked out. Next. 

My suspicion is a coinciding hostile takeover attempt by Google Drive for desktop mucked things up. Microsoft and Google are constantly at battle over control of the computer and both of them want to suck up every move I make on this machine into the cloud. Welcome to the Borg people.

On the top of a mountain in the middle of nowhere. There is no escape.

It is September and the grasses are in bloom. Blue asters wash over the mountain.

I weed whacked the paths in the ridgetop garden yesterday while it was dry. Mama cat was waiting for some food. I saw a black kitten with her a bit later after mowing. That is one out of four? There was a dog with a matching puppy running in confused circles out on the byway when I left to go home. I prayed for a kind hearted dog person to drive by. Please no. My mental plate is full. The cattery is still in disarray.

The glass is half cracked.

My house is still standing in a Tall Flower Meadow in high bloom as the summer turns into fall.

I Carrie on being washed in cold hurricane waters once more.

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