Saturday, September 11, 2021


The leap of a flea is not much different than the flap of a butterflies wings in theory.

My photo editing and storage system stopped working all of a sudden. After much analysis and experimentation it appears that the amount of photos I have taken over the years has maxed out the system. The current work around with Microsoft/Windows photo program is completely unacceptable. Google photos is no better last time I checked. The programmers of both of those photo editing and storage programs need to slapped upside the head. They are complete crap to use.

My old camera died a while back. My new old camera is showing signs of fatigue. I am in limbo until a new system is worked out.

My 93 year old mother had a mild heart attack at some point recently. The delayed symptoms showed up on Tuesday morning and she spent four days in the hospital getting tests. She is doing fine, back home and on a slightly altered pill program. All good, but this changes a great many things.

Aralia cordata 'Sun King' blooms at the end of summer in the Tall Flower Meadow.

The air has turned cool and the days have grown short just as the okra was beginning to make pods. You can't always grow what you want.

The seasons come and go. It takes great effort to slow the inevitable reality of impermanence.

The meadows are unavoidably ever changing. They require a good deal of acceptance and the ability to recognize the profound beauty that moves through them as a constant aspect of their character.

Solly, the Florida fleabag does her perp walk. Taking care of her while her mama was in the hospital I realized she has a high pitched princess voice. So appropriate. I'm headed over there today for another deep vacuuming to get rid of her imported Florida fleas.

Mama cat has been coming on schedule to eat and letting me get closer to her without bolting. I have not seen any signs of four kittens in a couple of weeks.

The Crooked Shed with lush Voodoo Lilies was looking fetching yesterday evening when we got home from the hospital. No photo editing program it seems can hide my own internal vibration that shows up in the lower light best suited for landscape picture taking. One day maybe I may take the pill my mama does for this gift of genetics. They say it's also good for the heart.

That black dot at the base of the electric pole is a bear. It often stops, stands up and scratches its back on the pole. A flea leaps off. The blue asters are starting to bloom. Change is in the air.


C. C. said...

Sorry to hear about your mom. Hope the change in meds help.

Christopher C. NC said...

Thanks CC. Mama is doing fine. Now I get to start Driving Ms. Margie.

beverly said...

I am sorry about your mom and glad she is doing better. Coping with a very elderly parent takes a lot of fortitude and patience, we have all been through it. Hang in there. ps can't cats take flea medicine like dogs? My mother was allergic so I never had cats.

Christopher C. NC said...

Hi Beverly. My mother is aging in tiny, nearly imperceptible increments. This is going to be a long run of patience. This mild heart attack marks a change. It is time to sell the 100 year old house in Florida and buy another one there, newer, smaller and easier to navigate closer to her other children.

The cats are all on there second dose of Advantage, a liquid flea poison you apply to the back of their necks.