Saturday, September 25, 2021

The Hairball Returns

The hairball in my photo editing and storage system is alive and well. The Picasa photo editor stopped recognizing my camera again. One step back. I'm kind of over it and don't have much enthusiasm for getting the kinks worked out. My technology is full and a decade old. We all know what that means.

The gardens are pretty much a hairball by this time of year, at their tallest and floppiest. It is to be expected. It is not a matter of will the meadows fall down. It is just a question of quality and degree. No hail this year.

I mowed the paths and eliminated the flop in the sunny utility meadow. The sisters will be here at the end of October to fetch their mother. They will appreciate open paths. I'm the only human in the gardens right now and don't have much enthusiasm for whacking asters in full bloom. My garden remains a flop in the tallest sections. I can wait until things freeze.

It all started when Dinah kept running away from home. No matter how many times I took her back, she kept moving back over to my house.

That is when I discovered my mother's house was infested with fleas. Then a mama cat showed up with four kittens. Solly then disappeared for three days to go camping with the new cats in the woods that Button was trying valiantly to chase away. I don't know how many are left.

My 93 year old mother proceeded to have a mild heart attack. We don't know if it was from worry over Solly being AWOL or too much salt on vine ripened home grown roadside tomatoes. She is well and back to normal after four days of testing, testing, 1 2 3 in the hospital. In the mean time someone chopped down a tree in the middle of the night and dropped it on the powerline below my house TWICE in a couple weeks.

Some where in there is when my photo editing and storage system went kaput. Then a nursing dog with matching puppy arrived to wander lost along the scenic byway to add to the hairball.

I've been vacuuming like a fiend.

Last Thursday morning the matching puppy became two and I saw the black kitten has no hair on its tail. On Friday I learned two vaccinated people in my hermit like circle caught Covid and the hairball in my photo system came back.

Blue asters wash over the mountain top. 

In the Land of the Crooked Shed my enthusiasm is a bit strained. There are parts of the hairball best left undiscussed, but I feel like I have left something out. Could it be the huge cherry tree that fell down and blocked the main entry to the deep forest. It is all chopped up. One of my younger brothers turned 60 this week.

Tomorrow I will go pick up the trash along the scenic byway. The weather has been perfect with sunny blue skies, chilly mornings and cool days. The leaves will be turning soon. Picking up trash is a bit like vacuuming up fleas except I have faith that the fleas will come to an end.


beverly said...

My goodness you have had the week from hell! (or month?) Enjoy the wonderful weather and your fall garden. Mine is also a mess; I just look for newly opened flowers. I am growing Aster georgiana and it is a beauty if you can find it!

C. C. said...

I was just despairing yesterday about my bedraggled woodland garden and thankful that my son's rehearsal dinner on the patio was 2 years ago instead of this year, with the heat/dryness we had in late summer. I had hoped that cutting the perennials back would bring a new flush of blooms, but only the blackeyed susans are cooperating, and unenthusiastically at that.

So sorry about your week. I do love the switch to the diagonal of the ornament on your shed door. And the Lush is still pretty and lush.

Who in the hell would be so stupid as to cut down trees late at night??? Can you hear the chainsaw?

Christopher C. NC said...

Beverly this is for the month of September. Another week to go. The amount of bloom right now with all the insects and hummingbirds is amazing. They don't mind the flop.

CC in the right light and with fresh mowed paths, the bedraggled can almost disappear. I was surprised I did not hear the chainsaw and that second huge tree fall. My window was open because it was still warm. Really, who does that in the middle of the night - without even a good directional cut for the fall. My guess was someone who wants easy access dry wood for the winter. It happens at the big roadside pull off below me. The lineman I chatted with atthe scene of the crime after the second fall suggested maybe somebody does not want me to have power. I think that is a wild stretch.

C. C. said...

That's a lot of trouble for someone to go to just to cut your power. :) Thanks for the laugh.

And re: your response to Beverly about insects, the bees are very happy in my gardens, at least, despite that everything is flopping over. We visited Reynolda Gardens yesterday, and the number of bees fighting each other over a blossom was wonderful to see.