Sunday, September 5, 2021

In The Wild

Solly decided to go camping with mama cat and the kittens. I went down to the campground and there she was not a hair out of place, perfectly content with herself. I did not see any kittens.

Solly lived alone in the forest as a kitten not so long ago with Button skulking about.

Cats always walk the curving brick road. Ask Dinah.

As I wandered a wild garden for hours today noting all the signs of plant mangling activity in a thinning Lush, a new name for the garden floated up unfettered, The Varmintage. Racoons do this. Deliberately. I garden in a zoo.

There are Elephantopus breeding in the wild.

So much going on botanically for one picture and every taste. That's where I wander.

Like Ironweed in the wild.

The cattery is nominally less askew with the safe relocation of Solly. She did not come home by the way. I had to kidnap her. A longstanding issue is the big tumor growing over Miss Collar's right eye - left to you. It needs to come off. Button? He is the boss.

We are at two and a half weeks in the life cycle of fleas out here in the wild. There are many more weeks to come at the cattery in disarray.


Unknown said...

I like "The Varmintage". I, too, garden in a zoo, and have become a professor of scat, learning to identify what varmint has visited me in the night by the droppings they leave behind.

Christopher C. NC said...

You are welcome to have The Varmintage. I'll be sticking with Ku'ulei 'Aina. Sometimes I wonder if I have a really big raccoon or if the bear is using my back stairs.