Thursday, October 14, 2021

Blue Aster And The Feral Mums

It's another Bloom Day. That is Carol at May Dreams fun day. I have a functioning photo editing work around and can still participate.

I have been much too lazy to bother making any decisions about a permanent fix to my photo editing and storage issues. That is the opposite of manic. I have blue wood asters.

Blooming throughout a forest turning with the first color.

Leaves are falling when the Monkshood comes out.

Tatarian in full bloom. 

After all these years the Sheffie Mums persist.

They persist in two colors. One of these years I might plant some sprigs in a proper weeded bed and have big mum balls again.

We all live feral now.

In a gilded cage a day early for Bloom Day. Oops. Maybe there is a bit of a manic edge. It's another Bloom Day eventually.

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Arun Goyal said...

Beautiful blooms, loved the Tatarian aster, have a great weekend.