Saturday, October 16, 2021

Miracle At Betsy's Gap

The tile floors in the cozy cabin got mopped for the first time ever. It wasn't as complicated of a procedure as I was expecting. There was a full mopping. The sun will come out tomorrow and I will be able to tell if it actually worked.

Picking tile the color of my dirt was one of the smartest design choices I made in building the house. It may be another ten years before I have to mop them again.

The Sisters will be arriving next weekend to fetch their mother for winter storage. The first hint of fall color and the second hint of cool is washing over the mountains in a breezy grey mist. I started cleaning last month. Then the stars aligned and a mopping happened.

Then this happened. My potted plants are too big for my house.

1 comment:

beverly said...

Hahaaaa. Thanks for the big laugh - your idea of housekeeping matches mine! And I bet we all have been experiencing acute house shrinkage with the plants coming in. Occupational hazard.