Saturday, October 2, 2021

In A Blue Fall Garden

Blue Wood Aster

There has been no progress or attempted progress with my picture taking issues. I'll deal with that another day. Zebra grass.

Where whole trees fall.

So much vibration has rubbed the sharp edges off of things.

And there is a visual truth to the soft focus of a blue fall garden. It only takes the slightest breeze.

The okra was not picked Uncle Ernie

The garden turned blue.

Feral parsnips seeded and died. The next generation will be harvested.

Winter squash are being stored.


I have not had regular six day a week mail service for two years now. It keeps getting more erratic.

Time flies

In circles

Along the scenic byway.

Sumac of the wrong sex.

Washed in pale blue


I wander after chores.

In a blue world in blue light gloaming.

As the creatures of the night begin to stir.

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