Thursday, January 13, 2022

Along The Path Next Door

We are having winter now. Another, maybe big, snow is scheduled for the weekend. There has been abundant cold. I needed to empty the furnace drain bucket next door before I get snowed in. The baby 'Jelena' witch hazel by the chimney blooms on. All three 'Jelena' have continued with full bloom, uninterrupted by winter. The temps have been 40s-20s.

One day 'Jelena' will be big enough to be seen from a distance. If I can still see then. My eyes! I can't really see the computer screen in focus anymore.

I'm going to have to say my secondary cataracts are worse than the originals. If that is all that is going on. I'll find out on February 15th. 

I'm also going to have to say that this is the most winter smoke in the air I have ever seen since living here. The smoke has been truly bad for months. I don't know precisely why that is happening, but it just feels like a very bad sign. That can't be good for my eyes.

The pictures I see on this screen have been having a very smoky mood of late. Is it smoke or secondary cataracts? Who knows? The vibration of low light and the complexity of vast landscapes can add to the blur. I do see red berries in the mist.


Barbara H. said...

Christopher, it's been a long time since I dropped in so not sure what has happened with your eyes and what you mean by secondary cataracts. If you are having hazy vision, don't wait until Feb. 15. Scar tissue often forms after cataract surgery and can be burned off by laser while sitting in a chair. Hardest part was getting my eye to dilate enough (small pupils). However, several months after I had scar tissue removed on my right eye my vision was getting blurry. Dr. did retina scans and there was a depression on the macula in the right eye. Unfortunately it turned into a detached retina and required emergency surgery. Although the results look physically perfect, I may never regain 20/20 vision in that eye.

Before the detached retina fiasco, my left eye got blurry and got worse in a hurry. My doctor had not gotten dissolved all the tissue during surgery. Normally that would dissolve and go away on its own but in my case it was instead swelling. Had to do a second cataract surgery on that eye. That stuff happened before the detached retina. Fortunate the left eye is staying at 20/20 and carries the right along.

I'm grateful for what I have, which is a lot, but I caution people now that if things aren't right, don't wait even if you have an appointment scheduled if it is weeks away. Good luck.

Christopher C. NC said...

Thanks for the warning, Barbara. My cataract surgery was two years ago. I expect the scar tissue from that, aka secondary cataracts, is what is happening. I am going to call and see if I can get an earlier appointment because my left eye is just feeling odd.