Saturday, January 22, 2022

The Snowdrops Were Still There

The tomatoes are long gone.

A big locust encased in a ginormous poisoned ivy vine fell in from Madison County. When the snow melts. That's when.


beverly said...

Unwanted large vines are interesting to observe. I have poison ivy, English ivy, rampant wisteria and briar, all of which twist together and 'help' each other on their way up my trees. When those trees fall, the vines keep going horizontally and gain more ground till they reach the next tree. It's a titanic struggle between my loppers and saw and the vines working together to thwart me!
Your Jelena is a joy.

Christopher C. NC said...

What is interesting about the poisoned ivy is that when it gets to the top of a tree it starts making 3 to 4 foot side branches all up the tree trunk instead of a big canopy in the treetop like a grape vine. Virginia Creeper is the least annoying vine out there.

beverly said...

That's an interesting observation; I did not realize that. Agree re Virginia creeper - too bad poison ivy is a native and we are supposed to like it LOL.