Sunday, March 29, 2009

A Little Wild Vignette

This one small area where the snowdrops are is packed with an array of small bulbs. They mingle with strangers and wander off to explore new territory. They crowd together with familiar company, each kind presenting a group identity.

The bearded iris will follow the early spring miniature bulbs. There is sure to be hosta close by. Aster will cover for the summer and bloom in the fall.

No season is wasted in this small patch of ground.


EAL said...

That's the great thing about these tiny bulbs. They mix and mingle well, no matter what. Never any worry about color or anything really.

lola said...

I love the little bulbs in front of the moss covered rock. Just lovely.
I am going to plant some Tigradia in my Flag Pole Garden. I've never heard of this flower. I hope it does well.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I like the moss in the background too.

Frances said...

Oh, I love these little guys. Having them mixed like that is perfect.

Plants are in the mail. :-)


Christopher C. NC said...

There seem to be a lot more of these small bulbs this year. It may be a blooming maturity thing or the Great Easter Freeze of '07' did knock blooms back a year.

Frances you are so good to me.