Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Rainy Day Daffodils

Yesterday in our evening stroll before the rains came, the ongoing Bulbapaloozathon is recorded.

Oh goody, more rain is coming!

One of the Small Cupped Narcissus has arrived. 'Barrett Browning' would be my guess.

Split-Cup, Large Cup and Ruffle Cup in one clump.

The Cyclamineus Daffodil have reflexed petals. I'll go for 'Ara'. This bulb catalog is very helpful and is about the only method Bulbarella has to keep track of what she has.

And before the rains, the first coat of Molera Vaquero Red made it onto the framing of the back stoop's roof. Now I have to wait for things to dry out again.

The daffodils will keep me busy.

Or some wall building can be squeezed in.


Siria said...

Incredible! I don't remember anything like this from your posts last year. This is truly spectacular!

I also love your trim color. Everything is looking great!

Christopher C. NC said...

I don't think I took as many big picture shots of the hillside last year and was doing more closeups. It can be hard to capture the effect of all those daffodils. They often look puny and insignificant in the larger shots. Zooming in seems to help.