Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Monsoon Bulbs

If I hear anything about a continuing drought in WNC I will be very concerned. You mean it is supposed to rain more than it does now?

Rain is certainly a good thing and I have been able to get down to Client #1's as much as needed. I'm not really complaining even if it is messing with my porch roof painting a bit.

The wall beneath the cabin has been getting some work done on it when I have to wait for things to dry.

A little more rain just might make me sit down and fill out my tax forms all nice and pretty before the 14th arrives. The cipherin is done. The official copy just needs to be filled in.

I think this may be one of my favorite daffodils. I like its creamy light yellow color. It could be the Trumpet Daffodil 'Honeybird'.

In the tiny bulb department the Chionodoxa forbesii 'Blue Giant' would be my preferred blue spring carpet.

The Ramps, Allium tricoccum are up. I really must try them this year and will look online for some recipes.

Our early evening strolls are always rewarded by seeing some new botanical delight making its appearance.

A large clump of Muscari is starting to bloom.

Why I do believe this is a Trout Lily, Erythronium americanum. I think it was a new acquisition just last fall.

Then the rains came, again, and it was time to go back inside.

The Spots can be just as particular as me now about the weather they are willing to be outside in. They don't do cold or wet anymore voluntarily.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

This time of year is such fun. Every day you walk about you find a new botanic pleasure. I am glad the Spots are finally domesticated. What a treat having them keep you company on your walk abouts.

lola said...

As usual Christopher you have brought candy to these old eyes. Now you bring taste to the buds & smell to the nose. I love ramps. I pickled them one year. I love to cook them in eggs or when I fry potatoes. Use them just like you would green onions.
Enjoy them to the fullest.

chuck b. said...

I'm not sure which of the three daffodils you put today I like most, maybe the first one.

the little keiki are getting not-so-little.

What do you use that shovel/scoop thing in the last picture for?

Christopher C. NC said...

Lisa, The Spots have been very nice to have around this winter. I need to wander down into the forest some more to see the violets, spring beauty, toothwort and others that have started to show.

Ramp and eggs. That sounds easy Lola.

Chuck the spotlets are about seven months old now. Almost as big as Mama Spot. That shovel was my snow shovel to keep a path on the deck open. It was missing a section of the handle, so it is a snow trowel.

Grace Peterson said...

Smart kitties! I'm not doing much rain and wind either. Your cats look absolutely lovable.

I have the Chinoxida and Muscari blooming too. They are lovely.

Anonymous said...

Love those kitties! I agree with you about the 'Blue Giant'; I planted some last fall and (fortuitously), they are under my now-blooming corylopsis. A combination I would recommend, although, like all my good combinations, it occurred by chance! (:


Christopher C. NC said...

Hi Grace. Yes those kitties are smart. They know how to get what they want from me. After twenty years in a tropical desert, all this weather takes some getting used to.

The Chionodoxa are my favorite small bulb right now.

Bev, hopefully I'll get some good combinations as I plant a garden. Right now I think I am planting more just to plant as a definition of space, saying to myself I can always move things.