Monday, March 9, 2009

They're Here

The first daffodils of the spring of 2009 have arrived on the ridge top garden in the low spot on a North Carolina mountaintop. Some other time I may go back and compare dates with this event in 2008.

Right now I am wore out from spreading mulch all day at Client # 1's and stopping on the way home for another load of wood chips for the roadside vegetable garden.

Spot, Bulbarella and I went for a bulb tour this evening to check on the progress and look for the minor bulbs. The spotlets are still in their who are these strange people phase, but the speed and distance that they flee has slowed and shortened. Mama Spot is just fine with extra petting.

An interesting shelf fungus that is as hard as the oyster shells it looks like grows on a stump.

One patch of the striped crocus bloom.

The adjustment to day light savings time is on.

It has thrown off my sunset rhythm. No kind daylight savings in Hawaii for twenty years. It's a bit of a jolt when your world is run by the sun and the weather.


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! How gorgeous...the flowers, the sunset, the all came into place for Bulbarella and the Building Contractor's arrival! Wasn't it snowing this time last week?! I've missed the photos you post on your evening garden walks. It was a special treat today. Enjoy your time with Bulbarella and the Building Contractor!

Anonymous said...

I'm with Siria about the flowers. That stripped crocus is to die for.
Sorry that you are so tired. Do get some rest. And above all enjoy your time with Bulbarella & the Building Contactor.
It won't take long for the Spots to completely warm up to the strangers.

chuck b. said...

It always seems like those shelf fungi should be soft, but no, they never are.

Anonymous said...

I am stuck with the time change for now. Spring jet lag of a sort. So happy to see the first of your blooms in the starkness of spring.

lisa said...

Glad to see your bulbs emerging, especially since mine are still under snow. (As of 3/17!) I'm used to the time change now (after 10 years), and enjoy the "extra light" present as I drive home from work. It really cheers me up to feel like I have a longer day.