Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Someone Else's Bulbs

Muscari, boulder and trees.

Vinca, daffodils and boulder.

Orange tulip, boulder and the double ground hardwood mulch I was spreading.

In a nice neighborhood

With a view of the lake

During the Bulbapaloozathon of spring in North Carolina.


blossom said...

Beautiful flowers. Those are what makes us smile daily.

Frances said...

Hi Christopher, it is all lovely. That view of the lake is so tranquil too. The mulch is some pretty primo stuff. :-) I feel Bulbarella does not care about the names at this point, only in the joy of the bloom in addition to the joy of acquisition. Your veggie patch will now have more protection from critters with the Spots on guard. Just imagining living in the cozy cabin must bring a smile to your face. And the zen of wall building sounds like a perfect way to get your emotional stability on an even keel. Love the grottos. There will plenty to keep them supplied on your mountainside.

Siria said...

Hi Christopher! All of these photos are so beautiful! I hope the house with a view of the lake is a new client!? Is that Lake Junaluska?

I think I saw that mulch at the store just yesterday ... it was really expensive stuff. It does look great, but is it really worth it?

Christopher C. NC said...

Hi Blossom, it is spring time in NC, what we wait all winter for.

Hi Frances, you're right about Bulbarella. Names are not as important as pretty. The wall building did help get my mind off of worry.

Siria, yes that is Lake Junaluska. It is the residence of Client #1, so not a new account. That mulch is good, but at about $200 for 10 yards delivered I prefer the wood chips. Honestly I think the wood chips look better and because they are mixed in size and content they are less likely to mat and the varying rate of decomposition puts nutrients into the soil quicker.