Saturday, March 28, 2009

Two Magnolia

Among 10,000 daffodils.

One Crawford stalking

Among 10,000 daffodils,

Swaying in a stiff wind.

The first fritillaria.

Among 10,000 daffodils.

Way up high

Where two magnolia blooms

Have opened before the next diagnosis for a slight chance of snow.


lola said...

Great pics as usual, Christopher. I love those magnolias. I just planted one in my yard. It is the maroon colored one. It looked maroon before it actually opened. I think it's the Jane one.

Frances said...

Hi Christopher, that is wonderful. We know there are daffodils and plenty of them, I like seeing the other bulbs too, and of course the prowling felines. They certainly add a new spice to the blog, and to your life it is certain. A little link today for the fantastic Bulbarella's taste in bulbs has been inserted, just so you know.:-)

Siria said...

Hi Christopher! Just breathtaking! When I enlarge your photos, it is amazing how many clumps haven't opened yet. How does Bulbarella keep track of what is where when planting in the fall? Does she place markers in the spring during bloom time to know where she wants to add her new bulb acquisitions?

Christopher C. NC said...

Lola I think you will have much better luck with the Magnolia soulangiana in Florida than the poor one up here. It's gonna get froze tonight. At least it hasn't leafed out.

Frances, the Spots have been a wonderful addition and keep me company very well. One day Semi will have to come visit and see someone else with her style of gardening.

Siria, she uses the little colored flags that surveyors or irrigation companies use to mark clumps to divide and places to put them. It is on my list to buy another color of flag to distinquish the two. It was getting harder to remember with just one color flag.