Friday, April 10, 2009

The Dark And Stormy Skies

Two strong lines of thunderstorms passed over today.

One for the morning breakfast time.

The second and bigger one for the evening dinner hours when I unplugged and disconnected because the lightning is awful close up here and has been known to cook electronic gadgets. There was one sudden jolt and second long power outage.

Despite the threat and the destruction caused further west, there was no hail, thank you. No tornado. I think the high peaks of the Great Smoky Mountains subdue many storms that come in from the west before the reach this mountain.

There was plenty rain and the little headwaters on this mountain top is sounding like it is a real stream. And remember just two days ago there was close to eight inches of snow on the ground.

Mercy, there is a lot of weather up here.


Anonymous said...

Now THAT is a sunset! I'm glad you and your electronics fared well during the passing bluster. Beautiful photos.

chuck b. said...

Those pictures look like Pele to me.

Anonymous said...

What exquisite pix of your mountain to add to your collection.


Jenny said...

Interesting comment about the Smokies blocking storms coming from the west. That would fit with my unscientific theory that giant rainclouds back up against the stateline ridge and dump their contents on the Tennessee side, which seems to experience more of these valley-scouring, landslide-causing flash floods than the NC side. I lived in Knoxville in the 80s, did a lot of Smokies hiking, and saw the effects of some very interesting thunderstorms up in high stream valleys.

Les said...

That is certainly a beautiful if ominous sunset.