Tuesday, April 14, 2009

What's Up In The Forest

The Anemone acutiloba is finishing up with its bloom.

Time for it to put out fresh new leaves.

Dicentra cucullaria

And Dicentra canadensis

Melanthium latifolium I think.

Asarum canadense

The Allium tricoccum seed I collected and sowed in the fall of 2007 has germinated.

More and more Sanguinaria canadensis

Viola canadensis. You would think I might be close to the border of Canada if the plant names where any indication.

Variations of Viola sororia

Unless of course as is often the case in these mountains

These represent several different species.

The forest floor awakens.


lola said...

That floor is gorgeous. I've witnessed this scene many times. I had those little lovelies all over the place. Mtns must be the perfect place for them. All shades of blue & purple.
I lost my Purple Leaf Plum last night due to high winds. I had brought it back from N.C. yrs ago.
VERY bad weather here.

Siria said...

Hi Christopher! Just beautiful! I am awed by all the names that you can identify from those tiny leaves. They all seem to look so similar to me, that I have a very hard time identifying them! I view the forest floor differently after reading your posts.

chuck b. said...

So cool to see everything coming up through last year's leaves. Confirms in my mind that "raking up the leaves" makes no sense.

Christopher C. NC said...

Lola, sorry to hear about your plum tree. I saw the first of the trilliums that will put on the best show when they bloom because the flowers are bigger and showier.

Siria, there are many garden worthy plants hiding in the forest, particularly for people with land like ours. Sometimes I think for parts of it all I will do is make a path and pick up the bigger tree limbs and branches when they fall.

Chuck as in all things "that depends". Some plants do struggle to get through the matted leaf litter and a little help uncovering them helps the plants vigor I think. They spend less time getting through and more time growing. That does not mean raking the leaves up and throwing them away, more of a redistribution is in order.

Corner Gardener Sue said...

I enjoyed seeing your forest floor photos. Can you say that fast three times? :o)