Friday, April 17, 2009

The Simple Life Of Gardening

Sometimes the picture in the catalog is too much to resist and another tulip is tried, if only for one spring. Maybe this time you'll get lucky and it will keep coming back. She said the catalog suggested this one might.

10,000 reliable daffodils will comfort any loss. The late blooming Triandrus Narcissus 'Thalia' comforts after a heavy snow during peak bloom put a crimp in the show.

A small house on a mountain top is really just a fancy garden shed, a place of rest between gardening chores and a place of refuge from ample weathers, the clicks of the gardening clock.

The not so simple life of gardening exists as well. A red and yellow together style of gardening even. A huge display of red and yellow.

Photo by JR C NC

Red and yellow tulips side by side.

Photo by JR C NC

In the not so simple life of gardening at the Biltmore.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos. Tulips are unreliable but we grow them anyway. Perhaps we're a bit neurotic.

Frances said...

Oh Christopher, Chuck may have to be hospitalized over those last shots! HA But they look glorious to my eyes. We see that mix here too and it always looks beautiful. Maybe he can make an exception with tulips. The dark beauties are irresistable, whether they return or not. My Queen of The Nights, solid dark purple, have been spotty at returning, but I just plant more. Sometimes it takes a couple of years for the side bulblets to get to flowering size after the mother bulb dies so they get plenty of bonemeal. That is what happened with the viridiflora. Also the larger clumps being divided helps them stretch their legs. The cozy cabin is way more than a shed, too. Are you working inside on it yet?

Daffodil Planter said...

Um, I think I'll pass on the Biltmore tulips, and take your Thalias instead!

lola said...

There is nothing wrong with red & yellow being together. I saw tulips with both colors in the same bloom & thought them very lovely. I love all the colors. I must get some of the Thalias. I really like those.

Siria said...

Hi Christopher! I know this glorious weather has you out and about either gardening or doing some construction project on the cozy cabin, or even both! The flowers are lovely, even the yellow and red. Not sure why some have an adversity to those colors. Oh well...Spring is definitely here!

Anonymous said...

Well, I have to admit that when I mix red and yellow tulips, it's in blocks rather than individually intermingled like these. I'm with Chuck (who may have had a stroke and therefore not commented!) on this one.


chuck b. said...

This blog post started with some nice pictures, but goes terribly awry toward the end. I'm not sure why.