Wednesday, April 22, 2009


In the dark of the night a cold wind carried in an old visitor.

Not wanting to leave these beautiful higher mountains,

The snow came back for another look. It isn't over until it is over, it seems.

It just barely got to freezing, so nothing was harmed during the falling of the snow. The apples and cherry trees with nearly open buds were of most concern. They all look to be fine.

It melted quickly and by late afternoon, though a might breezy and with a distinct chill, it was nice enough to go for a walk.

Collar is still in her skittish, who are these other people phase, but is slowly coming around.

Crawford can now be picked up and petted by one of these new strangers.

Mama Spot says feed me and pet me to anyone near by, though she still favors me and is often quite dog like in her need to be close by my side.

Painting weather approaches.

A little gardening was squeezed in too. Overflow hosta, a short bearded type iris of some kind and the native Dwarf Crested Iris, plants that needed some thinning or removal in the ridge top garden landed roots down at my place.


chuck b. said...

You're kidding about the snow, right?

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Brrrrrr it sure looks cold. It is nice to have a Spot report too.

Les said...

I hope for your sake that is the last visitation of the white stuff until fall.

lola said...

Bummer on the white stuff but it can happen this late in the yr. Hopeful it will not return till much later.
That Crawford has my heart. He's so cute. It sure is nice to have company on your walks. Momma Spot knows who to cuddle up to. She has learned that the owner of the Cozy Cabin will take care of her & give her the love that she craves.

Anonymous said...

I'm with Lola - Mama Spot knows a rescuer when she sees one! But just wait till they run through the wet paint - red pawprints on your porch might be cute! (:


lisa said...

Wow, amazing how well the flowers came through that wintry if nothing happened! My flowers just don't come out at all until the snow is gone...scared or smart, I'm not sure.