Thursday, April 9, 2009


The Bulbapaloozathon has been struck down right as it was peaking and only a few short days before Bulbarella and the Building Contractor return for the season.

Close to eight inches of snow and driving winds mangled and squashed the poor daffodils. There were tattered, ripped and brown edges on petals. There were plenty of snapped and bent bloom stalks. Their former glory has been severely diminished.

The Bulbapaloozathon has been laid low.

Which isn't to say there are not hundreds of daffodils still blooming and hundreds more yet to bloom when they stand back up. With 10,000 daffodils that span the early to late blooming range there are bound to be a few left over even after an obnoxious massive snow dump.

One of the few tulips that grace the ridge top garden seemed completely unfazed and ready to get on with business.

The Peonies were not bothered in the least.

And hundreds of Bearded Iris with their spiky leaves pierced through the falling snow without bending a bit.

Despite their mushed and mangled appearance and the loss of peak bloom, the daffodils themselves were not frozen or damaged in a way that will set them back from storing energy for next year's Bulbapaloozathon. They will be fine.

I think with another day of light breezes and fluffing they will look even better tomorrow.


Hendersonville Epicurean said...

Some sad photos there. There's always next year.

I used to treat each of my plants like my little babies, nursing them through the growing season and beyond, fussing over them. Absolutely hated it when something like this happened.

Grace Peterson said...

Here's to no more obnoxious massive snow dumps. It's spring already.

chuck b. said...

I must say, those daffodils look pretty funny all pressed down like that! Maybe you should get busy with some garden twine and scissors...

Lisa at Greenbow said...

The poor bulbapalooza. What a smack down they received. I hope they get all fluffed up before Easter.

Christopher C. NC said...

HE, yes there is always next year. There was a pretty good show up to this point.

Hi Grace. I bet we will get another snow yet. Hopefully it won't be an obnoxious massive dump. I have heard stories of 18 inches in May though.

Chuck in a wild forest garden setting the rule is "Survival of the Stiffest".

Lisa, I think by the end of today what is going to stand back up will have done so. Ready to be struck back down, Lord please no, by the severe thunderstorms with hail headed this way.

Lee said...

Boo, Booo to springtime snow!!!
I'm ready for nice days and sitting in the grass.

Siria said...

Hello Christopher! I hope that the rains/wind/hail are not as bad as predicted for your area and that the Building Contractor and Bulbarella have a beautiful show waiting for them as they pull into the driveway! So sad to think this happened when all your photos showed such beauty. The good news is that with all the snow and rain maybe this drought will be over. Have a wonderful Easter weekend.

Daffodil Planter said...

The photos of the flattened daffodils should be rated R for really sad. Sorry I looked.

But hooray for the peonies and the iris.

hkki said...

beautiful place and flowers