Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Goodbye To All That

The world outside was a different place when I woke up this morning.

One to two inches of snow. I don't think so. It is more like four and continuing to pile up.

I have faith though. These bulbs are a hardy lot. The only difference between this pile up and last year is the amount. It will all melt away and the Bulbapaloozathon will go on. I hope.


Frances said...

Hi Christopher, I think the bulbs will be okay. Ours are further along and have endured very cold temps, drenching rains and even snow cover without harm. I would move and even divide the tree peonies too. The bloom will just be delayed a few years. Water well.

Christopher C. NC said...

Frances, I have been surprised by what these plants will take, but there is always that nagging doubt. This won't be like the Great Easter Freeze of '07'. That one I hear was in the teens for days on end. This one will be over tomorrow with highs back to 50.

The couple of peonies being moved are the herbaceous ones. There is only one tree peony I think and it is in a good location.

Siria said...

Hi Christopher!
I thought April brought Spring Showers, not Snow Showers! I lost quite a bit in the 07 Spring freeze. I hope it all melts by tomorrow and we can go on with the Bulbapaloozathon. :)

Frances said...

Oh Christopher, that was the worst ever in 2007. It was Easter and we were in Asheville since Brokenbeat had just bought his house in March. We were not home to cover to do anything to save the plants. It was heartbreaking to come home to broken, dead plants of all kinds. Not at all like this.