Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Other Than Daffodils

The tax forms got done and put in the mail. The rain stopped and the fog finally lifted around one. The sun even came out for the evening stroll. A cluster of white Anemones was blooming.

There are many petite plants starting to grow and bloom on the sunny, when the sun is out, ridge top garden floor. This is Corydalis cava I think, a Corydalis for sure.

In the wild forest one of the violets sprinkles the ground with bright spots of yellow.

The first wave of Bloodroot, Sanguinaria canadensis pokes up through the leaf litter.

I thought I was going to stack some stones while waiting for things to dry this afternoon, but I just had to see how the columns were going to look in the Molera Vaquero Red. They were dry enough to paint. The bottoms need a good scrubbing and I have to dig the floor lower so I painted a bit high.

Not quite big city San Francisco bold house colors, but I think it will add a certain touch of excitement against the future Artichoke grey of the siding.

I have so many half finished projects going on at once.

Now a garden is just an ongoing project. A package arrived in the mail today with some goodies. Some Fairedils were planted next to the Hankodils, Madame Stappers and a liatris that fell out of the ground at Client #1's. This would be Athens, Chicago, San Francisco and Clyde

Two Louisiana Iris were planted along what one day could be a wet/dry stream bed in the bottom crease of the sunny utility valley.

Helleborus reinforcements were sent to join the happily established.

Daffodils from Bulbarella's collection give shape to a future planting bed.

Marsh Marigold, Caltha palustris was a new addition to the upper sunny utility meadow last fall.

There is a lot more to take in on the evening stroll.

The cozy cabin next door will be very familiar territory when it is time to move.


chuck b. said...

You pictures have Spots. They make a great focal point.

I found a dirt clod of bulbs in my garage today; I'm pretty sure they're the Zeypranthes I mentioned last year. Keep an eye out for them...

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Such lovely blooms around the halfway house.

lola said...

Great gardens, love your company. They will be going home soon & they will know it's home. They seem to like the evening stroll with you. It all looks natural.

Frances said...

Very clever link love there, Christopher, thanks. :-) I love the red columns, really takes it to another artistic level. Those Spots are just so cheering. I am happy they found you.

Christopher C. NC said...

Better these Spots than the old spot on my camera Chuck. I brought some Zephyr lilies back from Florida at Christmas to give them a try here. Of course the tops froze real quick. Waiting to see if they return with the warmth. There is supposed to be a native one just west of here. The more the merrier.

Ha ha Lisa, the Halfway house. I love it.

Lola they very much like their evening stroll. They can explore new things and have a big creature around to protect them.

I'm liking the red columns too Frances. At first it was Hmmm? But they are growing on me. When I drove by on the road it helps blend the columns in and at the same time give them some pop.