Sunday, April 5, 2009

One More Day Of Warm

The weather diagnosis says snow is coming. We'll see. That last snow about a week ago was just frozen mist. There will be a blast of cold though.

I'd say the daffodils are in peak bloom now. Many shrubs and trees have swelling buds and one azalea variety is ready to bloom. The daffodils should be fine as long as they don't get crushed by a heavy blanket of snow and most of the budding trees and shrubs have not advanced far enough to be harmed. They'll just go into suspended animation and wait out the cold.

You never know though. So it is best to get out there and enjoy the show on a warmish evening while the daffodils are peaking.

A very late blooming crocus was discovered. It really is close to impossible to take in everything in the ridge top garden in one tour. There is so much going on and it is in constant flux at this point.

The Fritillaria meleagris are starting to show up. These are so tiny in such a large space that it requires some effort to find them.

No shortage of daffodils. These would require a concerted effort and check list to document exactly how many varieties there are here.

Among the daffodil bulbapaloozathon, the hundreds of hosta and numerous astilbe are also starting to wake up.

Next door, one porch roof was completed, the easy one. I'll have to go stand under it when the rains come. It shouldn't leak unless it rains sideways in a strong wind. In which case I won't be outside and that high roof won't be much help anyway.

My upper hillside garden is waking up. Daffodils are blooming. Daylilies, campanula, digitalis and the Knockout roses are showing signs of life. Even some of the vinca planted on the cut is blooming despite the fact that most of it slid down the hill in all the freeze thaw action during the winter.

I'll need to resprig this cut again and hope that I can get some good coverage and deep rooting before next winter.

That can wait though. On this day of warm without rain, the front porch roof framing will get its second coat of primer. There is another roof to build.


keewee said...

Lovely flowers, enjoy them while you can. The spring weather has been so changeable this year.

Anonymous said...

Love the red paint! I am looking forward to seeing this "painted lady" when she is complete. And boy, that daff with the orange cup (if you can call it that) is really something, too! You come by your color genes honestly.