Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Last Daffodil

Last year on April 29th there was freezing rain and snow. This beautiful native azalea was cut down in its prime. So far we have escaped that fate. The Dogwood winter it is called.

The ridge top garden is bursting with new blooms and new growth every where you look.

The Camassia blooms unhindered by bitter blasts of cold. Hopefully this past cold, snowy and wet winter is satisfied and will not be back to strike another damaging blow.

The hundreds of iris wouldn't be bothered much. Open blooms might be lost, but the still closed and swelling buds would survive.

The azaleas flowers would be toast if another hard freeze should befall us.

I'm not quite sure how the rhododendrons would react to such an event.

The fothergilla was lost last year too.

There is nothing in the extended diagnosis to warrant such worries. I even got bold and planted pole bean seeds today. It is just that with so much is going on, there is so much that could be lost in its prime.

It is important to go for a stroll everyday to be sure that you see everything while you can. Even barring any cold disasters, the show changes everyday, another reason that regular evening strolls make good sense.

So you might understand why the last, latest blooming and quite nice daffodil may have been overlooked, tucked away in a fading Bulbhilla.

It did not get its closeup until maybe two days past its prime, but I saw it.


keewee said...

Better late than never. it is a pretty daffodil.

lola said...

Pretty daffy. So much to see on an evening stroll. So much beauty. Even Momma spot looks as though she sees something.

Siria said...

Hi Christopher! Your mountaintop looks glorious!!! I wouldn't miss an evening stroll either as there is so much beauty to see. It seems like it was only a few weeks ago that your pictures showed barren, brown, leaf covered hillsides. Look at all the green foliage and flowers everywhere...what a miracle Spring is! I hope the weather keeps holding out and no more cold in the forecast.

Frances said...

Our hats off and over our hearts to the last daffodil, Christopher. They gave us much joy, until next year, then. Blooms are coming and going so fast here it is hard to not miss something. The little yellow/purple/white iris is beginning to bloom, a lovely thing and thanks again. The whole scene with the Spot and Contractor looks sublime. :-)

lisa said...

On with the show! I hope you're done with winter, too. My hepatica is finally blooming, but only a couple bulbs here and big bloom is at least 3 weeks away.

Christopher C. NC said...

There is a storm a commin, but it isn't cold on the other side. Hooray! Truly this spring is better than last for bloom and I was impressed last year. Even the Hyacinthoides hispanica are blooming like I imagined them. Of course they got a bit froze when blooming last year.

Lisa, your turn is comming.

chuck b. said...

We're having a very late spring storm. If I went outside right now, I would probably learn that I have a full rain barrel.

Yesterday I found a pot of hyacinths, just starting to send up leaves.