Wednesday, April 8, 2009

What's Next

A little rain in the diagnosis.

To speed up the re-emergence of the poor battered daffodils. Actually this snow has melted quite fast in a sunny 50 degrees. This morning the snow was up to St. France's knees.

I saw some brown edges and torn petals and a few broken bloom stalks, but I think it is best to wait for a full day of warm sun and recovery before deciding how much damage was done. The plants themselves are just fine. It is the bloom show that will have taken the hit.

Regardless, the spring must go on.


chuck b. said...

Such a dramatic vista.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Gorgeous skies even though they look a bit ominous. It is good to see that St Frances has reemerged from the snow drift.

D'Rimba said...

Air anugerah Ilahi membasahi bumi menyubur hasil tani melimpahi rezeki setiap insan pasti merasai nikmat yang diberi perlu disyukuri sepenuh hati.

Christopher C. NC said...

Chuck it is all this weather in this neck of the woods that creates the dramatic vista.

Lisa, St. Frances has fully emerged today in time for more rain tomorrow.

Aloha D'Rimba.