Monday, April 20, 2009

Hello Wall

Rain delays more painting of the front porch roof framing and now that the computer time must be shared, it is easier to leave the house a bit earlier in the day.

I go stack stones in the dry stack stone wall while waiting for a wet world to dry. The north end has begun its gradual steps up the slope.

The upper wall is actually heading in towards its final height of right around four feet, maybe a bit higher, but we won't let the inspector man figure that out. Four feet is the limit of un-inspected retaining walls. He has seen it and made no comment. Maybe he noticed and liked that I was following the directions for building a stable dry stack stone wall.

Telephone, television and internet cable lines are also being wired into the cozy cabin to avoid running exterior wires later when these services get connected. The inspector man's requested changes to the rough electrical have also been done.

I stack stones in between assisting in the wiring.

The plumbing comes next. Both of these involve crawling around beneath the cabin and in the process of stapling wires between floor joists I have been walking on the top of the wall. It doesn't even wiggle.

I stack stones while I wait for the world to dry and keep looking at these furnace parts and wondering how it will be incorporated into the basement patio. There are more dry stack stone walls in the gardens future.

For anyone interested in seeing The Wall Rise.


chuck b. said...

Such a good idea to avoid running exterior wires. The front of our house is a mess of exterior pipes and wiring.

lola said...

I don't like those wires or tubes running on the outside walls either. Looks so tacky.
I see the Spots have to give their approval also.
I really like the dry stacked walls. We had one behind our home in N.C. I did have to repair some of it after our purchase.

Anonymous said...

That thar is one lovely wall! Good work!


Frances said...

Hooray for the wall! How does the stacking go with the help of the spots? Are they right in the middle of it, or just supervisors beside you? No shortage of stones it is imagined. Oh the walls you will have in the gardens too. The whole thing is a work of art. :-)

Lisa at Greenbow said...

That stone wall is going to be just marvelous. The Spots obviously think so too. Many crannies for little critters to live and keep them entertained patrolling for the unwanted.

Siria said...

Hi Christopher! Your stone wall is really beautiful! You did a great job on that. And I LOVE that red!!!

Christopher C. NC said...

Chuck your house is so old it probably couldn't be avoided. Interior wires for all this is common now in new construction and it is hardly a big job in such a tiny cabin.

Lola, repair on dry stack walls if needed is supposed to be easier and less noticeable than mortar walls. I'm sure I will find out in time.

Bev, I like the second wall much better than the first. Practice makes improvement.

Frances, the Spots just come down to inspect at the end of the day, thank goodness. They are known to walk between my legs which would not be helpful at all. Plenty stones for sure and finding new ones everytime I dig a hole.

Lisa, it will be interesting to see the critter numbers difference between feeding the birds at the resident gardeners house and not feeding them at mine. Still I have seen a small snake already in the lower wall and suspicious footprints all winter in the snow.

Siria, I am really liking the red too!

lisa said...

I like your plan to use the furnace parts. I have an old metal "emblem"/front off an outboard motor as indoor "decoration", and part of an old vaccum cleaner outside. I enjoy the look, and they sure aren't the same ol' plastic bunnies you can buy at Walmart! (Heh, although I have a couple of those as well :)