Friday, April 3, 2009

My Crooked Stoop

Cold grey wind dominated the entire day while I was finally putting the metal roof on the back stoop. Sadly, the main posts that support the floor were not quite square and parallel to the cabin. That translated into the roof and I wonder too if one of the posts is a wee bit shorter than the other. There looks to be a bit of a lean to the left.

I kept hoping that with each new layer of construction I would be able to mitigate the crook in my stoop. It seems though that once you have gone crooked you can't go back. You just have to do the best you can.

There is a big gap on the left corner of the front face where the side rake trim meets the front drip edge that bugs me. It was getting colder and I was getting cold. I could think about what to do about that tomorrow.

Sometimes you can tell it is slightly off and sometimes you can't. Thankfully it is not glaringly obvious. When you put rectangular roof panels on somewhat askew roof framing, the deviation makes itself known. I opted to have the overhang on the front even and have the gap against the wall. That gap will be covered by the wall flashing, so I can handle.

Besides you should be so dazzled by the Molera Vaquero Red framing against the white underside of the metal roof that a few imperfections won't mar the experience of entering the cabin through the kitchen door.

And if all else fails and it still bugs me, I'll just grow a vine up the post like any good landscape designer would do to hide the ugly.

Two more columns were painted. Such a dramatic color change can be shocking, but the red is really growing on me. It works well with the stone wall and will work fine with the future stone floor. Now what color will the main girder above the columns be painted? The choices are the blue of the door, the grey of the siding and the light yellow of the trim.

I know the shorter cement columns on the other side of the cabin will need to be painted red. Looking at this picture, I think the posts below the floor level of the porches should also be red.

On warm summer days when the world is green and there is a need for shade or protection from rain, sitting under the cozy cabin will be the perfect place. A few drifts of Monarda out in the sunny utility meadow will tie the red columns right to the site.

Warm summer days are coming, sometime after a weekend of cold and a prediction again for more snow. First of course there will be more rain.


lola said...

It looks great Christopher. That little gap will not be noticed. What a wonderful place to sit when you need to rest. I love that red color. It sure ties it to the earth. I think the yellow will look fabulous.
Not long now.

chuck b. said...

I can't detect a gap or tilt. The whole picture is at an angle, maybe that's why.

Daffodil Planter said...

No one will notice the gap.

Your stonework is wonderful. One of the nicest thing about Western NC is sitting in a rocker under a shelter during an afternoon rain shower. Lucky you to have created such a pleasing space.

Frances said...

I see no gap either, and like you say, the red against the white underside of the metal is all the eye gravitates to. I love that red. To me, the main girder should be the color of the siding, unless you want that horizontal line to stand out. Cold coming then maybe no more?

Christopher C. NC said...

The gap between the rake trim and drip edge was made smaller today by loosening the top screws and moving the lower portion closer in. I'm satisfied now. That just involved moving the ladder in a two location process to better get at the lower end.

Lola I am leaning toward the light yellow trim color for the main girder.

Chuck, a lot of my pictures lean to the left from my hip dysplasia. I need one of those straight line edit functions for my photo editor.

Thanks Daffodil Planter. I think the upper wall is better, because I told myself to slow down. The seams are tighter. I look forward to the day there is a little cafe table and chairs under the cabin. Course I'll have my front porch for rain settin to.

Frances it is a choice between the grey and the yellow. The blue is out. More cold yippee! I hope it is the last real cold. I know cool isn't done since our last frost date is 5-15.