Friday, February 26, 2010

After Another Winter Storm

It is getting the right idea at least.

The sun came out directly and meltage occurred even though temperatures were less than optimal.

That sun is a powerful thing.


Siria said...

Gorgeous pictures ~ incredible views! I bet you won't miss the snow on your trip to Maui, but you will miss seeing that view every day.

Lola said...

Love that view. You will have it in your head. The snow will be gone {hopefully} upon your return.

Anonymous said...

Christopher I fear you are star crossed with the Chilean tsunami predicted to hit Maui hardest of all. I hope that everything and everyone there suffers as little damage as possible. At least you are still here now!


Lola said...

Christopher, I too am worried about the situation in Maui. Where will you land?

Christopher C. NC said...

Hawaii and Maui were spared. Now as long as the snow don't close the airports Tuesday morning all will be well.

Besides Maui should be warned that something unexpected is coming their way.