Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Before The Next Snow Drops

Never mind. We will be having another winter storm. The diagnosis vary of course, but one suggests there could be up to a foot of snow along the susceptible Tennessee border locations. That would include me. There wasn't enough time to get to a full melt and the temperature has already dropped below meltage.

The clouds have descended to hide the storm as it sneaks in during the night.

Poor little snowdrops, you are about to be buried alive once again.

It has been nice having you around for a few days. See you when you get back.

I may have to shovel the driveway again so the resident gardeners can get in and I can get out.

Nice that the driveway was clear today. Those tire tracks on the left hand side are from the big truck that came today and put a new pump 260 feet down into the well. I replaced everything that could be replaced, cleaned everything that could be cleaned and the water still flowed intermittently. All that was left to be broken was the well pump. And yes it was. I think winter killed it and the pressure tank.

After a little lesson in winter water maintenance, the resident gardeners should be good to go and won't suffer the aggravation I have for the last two months. Oy!


Anonymous said...

When are you leaving for your trip?

Anonymous said...

Oh brother; just what you need just before you leave! Mother Nature certainly has it in for us this winter.


Christopher C. NC said...

Sallysmom I plan to leave Monday around midnight for an early Tuesday flight out of Knoxville that goes Dallas, Maui. There looks to be a slight warming trend after the snow and clear on Monday.

Bev if it snows another foot it will not make chopping a two week supply of firewood any easier. I managed to get to Client #1's today after the pump was put in and need to go back for a bit more tidying. The bulbs are coming up and that garden needs to be clean before I go. By mid March some things should be blooming.

Siria said...

Hi Christopher! You didn't need another storm for sure! I'm sorry to hear about your broken pump, but it sounds like you will leave the Resident Gardners in good shape while you are gone. Have a great trip!

Lola said...

How thoughtful & nice that you took care of a problem so the Resident Gardener doesn't have to bother with it. A very loving son.
You sure don't need any more of that white stuff. Hope it passes over not on you.
Be safe.

chuck b. said...

Maui awaits!