Monday, February 22, 2010

More Snowdrops

For now it is the botanical Galanthus nivalis variety, but there are more snow drops in the weather diagnosis for the days ahead. It is that northwest flow again. At least it isn't another winter storm.

There is so much beneath the snow just waiting to happen.

But then again I am headed to Maui for two weeks. Spring can take its sweet time getting here and I won't miss anything while I am gone.

It looks a little perkier don't you think than how it looked two weeks ago.

It is like a cold dead weight has been lifted.

Bare spots in the snow are giving rise to the buried treasures beneath.

There are even places where the daffodils don't want to wait for all the snow to melt away.

I am having a habit it seems of thinking spring is late this year. This year it just might be few days behind schedule. A few days behind schedule, which means it is right on time. I do recall from last year marking two days prior to the March 15th Garden Bloggers Bloom Day as an official day to remember in regards to spring. I need to try and remember that every year.

When is spring? March 13th. Repeat. When is spring? March 13th.


Lola said...

That northwest flow has played with us again. Nice weekend--then rain & colder temps.
Spring is for sure around the corner so I must get busy. If it ever drys up some.
Mother nature seems not to be finished with us yet. Even though her beauty can't wait she will diminish after a fashion.
Your world will be so different upon you arrival back.

chuck b. said...

Ah, meltage!

I guess you have to watch where you step in the snow or you might crush some hidden treasure. On Twitter I learned Austin is expecting measurable snow in the near future.

Anonymous said...

It seems odd that your daffodils are so much more advanced than mine; I must be 1500 or 2000 ft. lower than your mountain. Today was the first day I could see any sign of my daffs; a few are visible at 1/2" tall!

Then again, it's only their first spring.

No sign at all of the (relative) zillions of crocuses, for whom it is also the first spring.

Julie in Henderson Co.

Carol said...

When is spring? Oh, right March 13th. Have a great trip.

Christopher C. NC said...

Lola we are getting the rain before the snow. It sure will be different when I get back.

Yes Chuck, Ah meltage. Most lovely. I do stay on the paths mostly, but right now there isn't much to step on that would cause damage.

Julie I am at 4000 feet. With 10,000 daffodils there are the very earliest to the late varieties. Most of them are not up yet and I have not seen the first crocus. Last year the first crocus bloom was in mid-February.

Carol spring is four days before sweet pea planting day right? Maybe you could just remember when spring is by that marker. You are further north afterall.

Siria said...

Nature is amazing, isn't it?! I love your pictures ~ what a sight! Have a great trip and I look forward to not only your Maui posts, but the suspense of what you will find upon your return to your mountain!