Monday, April 4, 2011

75 And 45

Today's high and tomorrow's high after a vicious line of thunderstorms passes over my head. There is no mention of snow. We shall see.

A rare red tulip blooms at the top of the ridge top garden. Rare because we don't do much in the way of tulips here. They're just expensive varmint food.

The bearded iris wait in the wings.

There are daffodils of course. The peak of bloom has passed, helped by a good deal of flower stem breakage from the battle of hot and cold weathers that keep sweeping over the mountain.

You have to give these bulbs a lot of credit though for enduring these dramatic swings of temperature and precipitation. Frankly it is beginning to get on my nerves.

The cute little Jonquilla daffodils are the last to bloom. Some of them should be left when the resident gardeners return this week.

Creation in the morning light. I need more rocks and one day when I am feeling ambitious these rocks will get organized and graded by size within the larger design that should stay the same.

Unless I change my mind.


Lola said...

1 loan tulip, it does look pretty. It's a shame that it's varmint food. I had the Parrot type when in N.C. Did learn that if I cut the top/bottom from a veggie can, put the bulb in can the varmints couldn't get it. At least it worked for me as I only had a few. Can you imagine all those cans all over the mtn. lol

Carol said...

Our high yesterday afternoon was 79. This morning it was 73 and then the rain came and it was 44 by late afternoon. It is a wonder any plants survive spring! Too bad those varmints eat the tulips, they are pretty.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

It won't be long until the weathers even out...hopefully.

Frances said...

That was some storm, glad you survived! The red tulips are incredible, pretty yes, but surviving those conditions is something else. I love the sly face of stone. :-)

Anonymous said...

Chris, what is the name of the daffodils in pic 1?

Christopher C. NC said...

Lola the can trick would be a bit much for the "can never have enough" crowd that hangs in this garden.

Carol did it snow on you. It better have.

Lisa these extreme swings are making me a bit ornery. It better even out soon.

Frances glad you like my organized rocks. I still have to contemplate how to plant it. Red tulips for the center of the eye?

Sallysmom those first white daffs are a Triandrus type, 'Thalia'. It is one of the last to bloom.