Saturday, April 9, 2011

What The Resident Gardeners Saw

A couple of days of warm and sunshine and the Bulbapaloozathon re-peaked for the arrival of the resident gardeners.

Every bloom that could stand up, perked up, and hundreds more flowers opened in the warm sun and light breezes.

It was as if the daffodils stood at attention and gathered strength for one last big flush of bloom in recognition of the gardeners responsible for this creation.

Bulbarella was not disappointed with her bulbs and dove directly into the catalogs to she what she could add.

Phase one is plotting. Where can seeds be scattered? Where can new bulbs fit in? What can be divided? Are there enough iris, daylillies, peonies....? Should I clear new ground? The mind races with possibilities.

Each warm day more life, more species, more flowers awake for the days of wild lush that lays ahead.

Yet it is still a work in progress.

A life's work in progress.


Lola said...

I am so glad that all looked so well for the Resident Gardeners. I'm sure they were delighted.

NellJean said...

Marvelous blooms call for more and more. Too many are never enough. I was raised among daffodils. We hid Easter eggs in the thick clumps.

Carol said...

A gardener is never finished with planting and adding to a garden! Welcome home to the resident gardeners.

Anonymous said...

You are very lucky to live at that place and to have your parents still with you and enjoying it as well.

Christopher C. NC said...

Lola I knew there would be daffodils to see. I just wasn't expecting it to look so spectacular again even after most of the minor bulbs had faded.

What a Easter egg hunt that would be on this mountain Nell Jean.

So true Carol. Every May the garden starts all over from the beginning.

Sallysmom yes I am most certainly lucky

Siria said...

WOW ~ that hillside is absolutely brimming with beauty! I think those bulbs know whose boss and made sure they put on a show. So glad the weather has been so lovely.