Tuesday, April 5, 2011

NWS Keeps Neglecting The Snow

When the temperature dropped 20 degrees over the course of two hours before the wicked thunderstorms ever arrived, I got a feeling.

I woke up again to that feeling, more snow on the ground and more snow falling from the sky.

Maybe the mention of snow was in the fine print at the bottom of all the other pages of dire warnings of high winds, strong storms and heavy rain. I didn't see any mention of snow, not even the above 3500 feet elevation mention of snow.

But snow it did, more precisely sleet, hard and noisy pellets of sleet slamming against the windows.

The roadside vegetable garden is ready and waiting. I have even noticed self seeded sunflowers and lettuce germinating. The strawberry patch in the lower right of the picture has been showing slow signs of growth. New green leaves are appearing between repeated cold burials.

It is still a bit shocking that when I can see snow as far as the eye can see to the western horizon, a short twenty minute drive south takes me to another world. It was oddly spitting sleet on me until about noon at the new clients, but it was obvious that no snow had fallen here.

And no snow fell up there. I must live in some weird snow funnel.

These lucky lowland bulbs don't have to put up with the repeated severe mood swings like the bulbs high on the low spot of a North Carolina mountain top have to.

And that the crazed man on the mountain also has to deal with.

And to think you can get 2000 feet higher in these mountains. Mercy. I think I am high enough.


Lola said...

Oh no, not more of the white stuff. Below sure is pretty like Spring is.
It will calm shortly.
Cold here this A.M. about 38. Bad storms here too.

sweetbay said...

Your vegetable garden looks like a skating rink, and such a contrast to the green valley. What beautiful views.