Monday, April 25, 2011

It Gets Better

The wild cultivated garden keeps getting better every year. I'd like to think it is due to the more frequent routine maintenance it has been receiving over the last few years from the new assistant gardener. It's a garden though and other factors could be involved. Time is a big one and the mad passions of more that motivate a certain seed flinger and bulb divider are bound to have an effect.

Last week there was a comment that,"I think the Bluebells have begun to increase exponentially. There almost a pest now. I don't think I need to gather and spread seeds anymore."

I'd have to agree. I'd also have to say that the Bluebells, Hyacinthoides hispanica in blue, white and pink are the perkiest I have ever seen them. All this warm weathers of late, 80 degrees in April, high on the mountain, no crushing snows and their now exponential numbers are putting on quite the display.

It's a little sad though thinking my dad is missing the best spring ever in the wild cultivated garden. But then maybe he'd say, "We've had better springs than this." It's a bit of a family gardening joke, you should have been here last week when such and such was blooming or to bad, in another week this will be blooming or fall color will be at it's peak and you'll miss it.

Would it be terrible if I said getting the official paper work done for a death feels a bit like trying to choreograph a herd of cats into producing a single hairball? I suppose crossing state lines doesn't help, but there seems to be a lot of official fingers needed on the paperwork.

It's good to come home after unpleasant tasks and just look at all the different kinds of iris that have started to bloom.

The native Dwarf Crested Iris, Iris cristata has also been multiplying exponentially.

There are catalog iris of very description.

And plenty more iris yet to come. I did mention the madness of more and how that might have some impact on why the wild cultivated garden keeps getting better every year.

I have been the assistant gardener and assistant handyman for several years now, though in many respects I had already assumed full duties. It is official now. I am responsible for two houses and two gardens. The list of chores hasn't increased yet somehow the responsibility looks bigger. That ominous feeling will get better with time as a new routine emerges I am quite sure. I'll have more control of the list of chores at least.

And the payoff is to live in Eden, the wild cultivated garden that keeps getting better every year.


Siria said...

Hi Christopher! What beauty surrounds you! Enjoy.rr

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Paperwork is never good and when it involves crossing state lines. UGH.. Thank goodness you have the beautiful gardens to embrace.

Layanee said...

Can one have too many iris? I think not. Congrats on the new title and I hope the paperwork is soon behind you.

Fairegarden said...

Will the madness of more slow down now, or perhaps increase? You will settle into the care of both gardens easily, figuring what can be left undone. That has been my routine of late. More plants means less room for weeds, too. My best to Bulbarella, and big hugs for you both.

Anonymous said...

And sometimes, it gets worse. It was worse today. I told people at work and with every telling, it got worse. I started an obituary for the local paper and it got worse.
I went home and walked around my pitiful excuse for a garden and it got worse. The gloriosa lilies that I dug up from his back yard were blooming. The native azalea that I dug up from his back yard was not, for the second year in a row. The day lilies sent from the mountain top have buds. The hitchhiker yarrow was blooming.
The herbs in the garden need cutting back as they are trying to bloom. I wanted to keep them going long enough to take to the beach for his gourmet dinners.
Sometimes, it gets worse.

Lola said...

Yes, the mountain top garden keeps getting better due in part to the new assistant gardener with the help of a special person & a loyal side kick.
Paper work can be mind boggling at times but for some reason necessary.
What is the plant that is in the background in pic #8 & I love the blue in pic #9. I have been thinking if Blue Bells would work here.
All that beauty surrounding you & Mom will be a blessing & a comfort for you in the days ahead. Remember that much love is coming your way always with prayers.

Anonymous said...

You are right, Chris. You live in Eden--this is the gift of your dad. A gift that as you walk those beautiful hills you can remind yourself that even though you miss him terribly, this is a lasting gift that you have been given.