Thursday, April 21, 2011

Live From Hale Mana

My stupid Hughes satellite internet got hooked up today and I have been whittling away at the electrical issues. It is going well enough that I feel safe leaving the power on when I leave with the questionable circuits shut off. The biggy is the well. It is wired correctly, has power and when you flip the switch no water comes forth. I'm hoping it is a bad pressure regulator. It better not be the brand new unused well pump.

I still travel back and forth between gardens. The one next door has much more to see. I haven't officially moved yet either.

The garden to be has a few items of interest at the moment.

In the years to come there will be more. And soon I hope the first royal flushing of the pipes can happen.


Anonymous said...

What color are the irs? They are gorgeous?

Randy Emmitt said...

Does the water line in the well house vibrate when you turn on the water? If it vibrates then the pump is turning. Might be the pressure switch.

Christopher C. NC said...

Sallysmom in real life they look like a rusty burgundy color to me.

Randy I am leaning towards the pressure switch. It has power coming in and I don't hear it click on like the one next door. There is no visible change in the mechanism arm either with power on or off. I don't hear a thing at the well head or in the lines. I even gave it a little time thinking it had 425 feet of pipe to fill. The well is 305 feet deep.

Lola said...

Yes, lots of beauty to see. So sorry that there is confusion of sorts. But it will work out. You sure have your plate full. Take a deep breath, then take a long stroll.

Randy Emmitt said...

Under the pressure swith is an 1/8 inch copper tube, if it is clogged up it could also be the problem. Sitting for so long it could be clogged up. The plumbing supply has them for 6-7 $

Siria said...

Hi Christopher! Somehow I think I missed some posts and am just catching up. I'm so happy to hear the Building Contractor is home and doing better. Each day will bring new strength and progress. The garden you are working on looks like a fun project and I look forward to future posts to see the finished hillside. AND last but certainly not least is the exciting news on the progress at Hale Mana. Your blooming iris are beautiful and soon you'll have water coming from your hose to give them a nice drink! Have a wonderful Easter weekend!!!

Christopher C. NC said...

Lola it will all work out. I just keep plugging away til each issue is resolved.

Randy looking at the pressure switch again, the system has no water, never has. I don't hear a click because it is on and making contact with the well connection which is live. I wonder if the well pump sitting so long has been filled with sediment? May need to call the well man.

Siria it has been busy around here of late. I have trouble keeping up. Happy Easter to you.

Lola said...

Just happened to remember that sometimes a pump needs priming, meaning pouring water into pipe. Don't know how yours is.

Have a wonderful HAPPY EASTER.

Fairegarden said...

Hooray for the live feed, Christopher! And hooray too for a successful medical intervention for the contractor. I don't blame you for being leery of the electrical stuff, but there is only one word for it all...onward!